Household waste recycling center Neuilly-sur-Marne (93)

Project owner: GPGE Grand Paris Grand Est/Outer East Paris (93)

Designing building and fitting a Household waste recycling center. The Local Public Body (EPT) for Outer East Paris (GPGE) did not have technical premises of their own. Having heard of the Modulo Béton concept already in use in some of their existing HWRC, they chose our concept in order to have their own storage space for certain types of waste but also for objects for reemployment destined for the recycling unit just next to the loading bay. The EPT having no building in which to stock their wheelie bins, compost bins, bags… we created ample additional storage space on site.

Surface: 1 600 m2

Number of blocks: 177

Number of skips/bins: 15

Payload : 3,5 T. / Height: 2,50 m.

Additional options: Rubble elevator, oil tank