The only Recycling Centre that is 200% usable

Modèle déposé - Breveté - Garantie décennaleIn developed and developing countries the waste and ressource business does not stay still for long: material markets and legislation (especially environmental and fiscal) change with relentless frequency. To remain in competition and in compliance, it is necessary to react to these changes.

Regulation 14 of the Public Contracts Regulations exists - so let’s make the most of it!

In order to save time, many communities do not hesitate to apply the code to their procurement. Thanks to the Modulo Béton patent, the market has been transformed into a simple order.
This Code stipulates in regulation 14: “A contracting authority may use the negotiated procedure without the prior publication of a contract notice” (a)(iii): “when, for technical or artistic reasons, or for reasons connected with the protection of exclusive rights, the public contract may be awarded only to a particular economic operator”.

Modulo Béton Recycling Centres now exist in over 46 countries worldwide

Since its conception in France in 2004, the unique, patented Modulo Béton system has shown - around the world – that it offers the ideal solution to allow you to reconfigure your facilities to stay in the game.